What a hot fucking mess that was. Within the first five minutes I was thinking – dear God … the rest of the world is wondering what the hell is wrong with us. It reminded me of those videos of eastern european countries where the whole parliment turns into a brawl with fists flying. I hope they tone it down and act like the 70+ year old men they are.

un-fucking my brain

ok – Dr. Faith G. Harper – you cuss like a sailor and now finally someone that can TALK to me so I understand shit. Best audio book I have ever chosen – tell it sister…

At 51 (almost 52) years old, there is so much clogging up my brain I need to clean house. Listening to this therapist has totally enlightened me in a launguage I understand. Even though I buy, download and read self help articles, podcasts, meditations and books but it is a jumbled up mess in my head. Finding what works for me has been a decades long adventure. I have tried it all honey. Meditating just makes me sleepy, exercise makes me cranky because I dont like to sweat and sweat makes me feel nasty. Yeah yeah.. I know all about the endorphins shit and blahblah … but to get to that point one has to sweat and no thank you … not happening. I dont have time for a damn get to know your inner self retreat where I find the inner shit that makes me feel nutty. I like to read. But I like fiction. I am not a non fiction nutbag that keeps me in this real world. Hell with that.

So here I am … listening to Dr. Harper on my phone, while I am at work on this friday. It is only a 3 hour book. I may finish it today and become completely enlightened – glowing lightbulb over my head.

Ill let you know


I know this is a sensitive subject… but this polarizing election is driving me nuts. Everyone I know is either extreme right or extreme left. No one I know is middle of the road on topics. People that are far left appear to be the worst and most vocal. Celebrities are in your face all the time making you feel like a moron if you respect those in law enforcement or the military. We are not sweeden. This country is too diverse and large to go without any law and order. Because of the freedoms we have under the constitution, we have many rights that other countries do not have. Protesting freedoms tend to bring out the violent and the opportunists. These people are the ones that make “peaceful protest” look bad. I was watching so many outlets recently showing looters and violent protesters breaking into high end stores and stealing whatever they wanted without resistance and they did it just because they could. To hear people say that they had the right to do that and that the business owners are insured just shows their ignorance. Insurance does not cover that shit and these stores will close because of the loss. Good job… you just turned your city into a slum war zone. What is worse is that these oportunists come from outside the city to take advantage of a sad situation. The unjustified shooting or death of a black man is horrible and should not be tolerated. But why am I seeing more white people stealing from the Vans shoe store? Opportunity. Cars with get away drivers are pulling up in front of the apple store and the luis vuitton store so people can just break the window… get what they want and get the hell out. In no way does one wrong justify the other. Then you have celebrities contributing to the bail out funds for the looters that actually got caught vandalizing and looting. That sends the wrong message.

I am all for funds to bail out peaceful protesters. Those that are arrested because of a “sit in” or a similar misdemeanor charge. Yes. Get them out. Those that busted the window of the Apple store and stole 50 iPhones just because they could should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and be made to pay restitution. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

It is that simple. Dont make it muddled and complicated.


Here we go again.

It has been a long time since I wrote anything. My head feels like it will burst most days. Bringing back Simply Cheley is really just a way for me to be able to clear my head so I can focus on things that need my attention. So much going on in the country these days it can affect one’s mental state. I have to be careful what I read on social media and online because everything is so negative. So much anger and hate flying around. Has everyone always been this polarizing or is it just because there are so many avenues now to vent that everyone can participate and continue to stir the pot. I can read some posts on facebook and it ruin my mood for an entire day. It changes how you feel internally and about the world around you.

Here are some of the things I have figured out:

1 – Not everyone is out to get you

2 – Be aware of your surroundings but don’t live in fear

3 – Cussing makes me feel better. Spongebob calls them sentence enhancers.

4 – Be kind to others – sometimes other people are just having a shitty day

5 – Everyone needs love. Be the love someone needs.

6 – Smile and greet random people whether you know them or not – it makes the world a better place. Kindness can be just as infective as meanness.

7 – Money isnt everything but it sure helps

8 – Politics should not divide people. Choose wisely, not emotionally.

9 – My Suburban is a mess which is a direct reflection of my current state.

10 – “Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts” This is bullshit and just makes me cranky. Why cant it spell chips and salsa ?

Those are just a few observations for today.