What a hot fucking mess that was. Within the first five minutes I was thinking – dear God … the rest of the world is wondering what the hell is wrong with us. It reminded me of those videos of eastern european countries where the whole parliment turns into a brawl with fists flying. I … Continue reading Debates

un-fucking my brain

ok – Dr. Faith G. Harper – you cuss like a sailor and now finally someone that can TALK to me so I understand shit. Best audio book I have ever chosen – tell it sister… At 51 (almost 52) years old, there is so much clogging up my brain I need to clean house. … Continue reading un-fucking my brain


I know this is a sensitive subject… but this polarizing election is driving me nuts. Everyone I know is either extreme right or extreme left. No one I know is middle of the road on topics. People that are far left appear to be the worst and most vocal. Celebrities are in your face all … Continue reading POLITICS & CHAOS


Here we go again. It has been a long time since I wrote anything. My head feels like it will burst most days. Bringing back Simply Cheley is really just a way for me to be able to clear my head so I can focus on things that need my attention. So much going on … Continue reading Resurrection

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